Study Source

After a Speller registers, they will have access to and can download a sample word list. This Word List is simply a guide with sample words of varying difficulty. Parents and spellers are encouraged to devise their own strategy to prepare using tools available here and on other sites listed below. Spellers should refer to the Merriam Webster Unabridged Dictionary Online for the definition and etymology of the words.

Many words show no pronunciation but have a recording that is valid. Other words have no     pronunciation and no audio, and these should be determined by looking at words in the           dictionary that preceded it for a clue to pronouncing or breaking the word into pieces to find   pronunciations. Otherwise, use the printed Webster’s Third New International, but replace the     d-stop character (‘d.’) in any pronunciation with a ‘t’, as this is no longer valid in any                 pronunciations. The words used at the South Asian Spelling Bee will be from the provided sample word list and Merriam Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. The South Asian Spelling Bee word list can be accessed after registering for the contest via the “Study Source” link in your confirmation email.

Online Resources:

  • Spelling Coach – Scott Isaacs :
  • For other practice tools visit:


    South Asian Spelling Bee is not affiliated in any manner to the National Scripps Spelling Bee or any of the resources mentioned above,