Common Questions

What is the South Asian Spelling Bee?
The South Asian Spelling Bee is the national search for the best speller of
English words in the South Asian-American community. Recommended age is between 8-14. South Asian students 14 years of age or younger can participate at 1 of 8 regional spelling contests,
where the contestants are asked to spell English words orally on a miss-and-out
basis to find out who will move forward to compete in the Finals.
What are the requirements to participate in the Bee?
All South Asian children 14 years of age or younger will be eligible for the
2019 South Asian Spelling Bee. Please refer to eligibility criteria in
the RULES section for more details.
The 2019 regional competition schedule is as follows:
June 15th 2019 – [Chicago Regional] June 15th 2019 – [DC Regional] June 16th 2019 – [Charlotte Regional] June 16th 2019 – [Bay Area Regional] June 22nd 2019 –[Dallas Regional] June 24rd 2019 –[NJ Regional]
How is the contest conducted?
Step 1: Registration

Students who meet the spelling contest requirements and wish to participate
MUST have a legal guardian “” title=”Locations”>visit
locations page to choose a convenient regional center and register for

Step 2: The Preliminary & Regional Oral Rounds:

Participants will arrive at their chosen regional contest on the designated
date, at which time a 25-word, written spelling test will be administered to
ALL spellers. 15 or more of these words must be spelled correctly in order to
qualify for the regional oral round of the bee. The same afternoon, qualifying
spellers move on to the oral round, which is conducted on a miss-and-out basis
until the Regional Champion and runners-up are found. The top 3 spellers from
each regional center receive cash prizes, and the top 2 will advance to the
National Finals in NJ.

How do I register for the contests?
Signing up is easy! Click here to sign up .
If my child is unable participate in the contest, can I get a
refund of the registration fees paid?
No. The registration fee is non-refundable.
When is the deadline to register?
What are the requirements to participate in the Bee?
The deadline to register is 48 hours prior to the Regional spelling contest you
wish to participate in. For example, if you chose for your speller to
participate in the Seattle area regionals on June 10th, registration should be
completed no later than 12 noon on June 8th 2019.
What are the payment options for the registration fee?
The payments will be made online through your VISA, Master Card or American
Express Card.
How do I know my registration status?
Once the registration process is complete, you will receive an automated email
confirming the receipt of payment, details for your chosen regional contest,
and a link to download the study lists. If you do not receive this email within
a few minutes, please check your spam filter or contact a member of
the team here
What if I get an error in using Online Registration?
In case of errors, please call Daisy at (848) 248-4080 for customer service.
I do not live in the same city where the South Asian Spelling Bee
is held - What do I do?
We have taken into account the major South Asian hubs across the US and
narrowed down to 8 centers nationwide. You can choose any regional spelling
contest as per your convenience. Any speller can be registered to any ONE of
the regional centers, even if the speller does not reside in that area.
However, each speller can ONLY participate in ONE center for the duration of
the 2019 contest.
Are there categories for different age groups?
There are no different categories and all children will participate together in
the spelling bee.
What is the agenda for the day?
10:30 am Check-In
12:00 noon Written test starts
1:00 pm Written test concludes
1:00-3:00 pm Tests are evaluated.
3:00 pm The Oral round starts. Family, friends and well
wishers are encouraged to attend.
How can I help my child prepare for the bee?
Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link
to download the study word lists. You can also check out some of the websites
listed at the Study Source section. All words will come from
Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary.
When will I receive my pre-ordered Digital Copy of the 2019 South Asian Spelling Bee?
You will receive your pre-ordered Digital Copy of the 2019 South Asian Spelling Bee AFTER the 2019 South Asian Spelling Bee has been aired.