Spelling Bee History

About the South Asian Spelling Bee

The South Asian Spelling Bee is a platform that gives all South Asian students
the opportunity to test their skills within their core peer group. It is the
effort of this unique national spelling bee to encourage and
promote South Asian academic talent across the US and to bring this aspect of a
South Asian student’s life into the foreground by broadcasting the spelling
contest as a series on Sony Entertainment Television (SET) Asia.

Where is the South Asian Spelling Bee being held?

The spelling bee will be held in 8
Regional Centers
across the US. The top two spellers from each center
will compete in the Finals in NJ. Locations Find a South Asian Spelling Bee location near you
for 2017!

How will the contest be done?

The path to finding a national spelling bee champion will be paved via
preliminary and oral rounds, held in 8 Regional Centers across the US. The
speller’s legal guardian must REGISTER to enroll the
speller for the regional contest of their choice. Participants will report to
their chosen regional center on the designated contest date, where a
preliminary written spelling test of 25 words will be administered. In order to
qualify for the ORAL round, the speller MUST write the correct English spelling
of 15 or more words. Once tests are scored, qualifying participants will move
on to the regional oral round, in which the pronouncer will ask them to spell
aloud from a predetermined list of spelling bee words. This round takes place
on a miss-and-out basis, eliminating participants as they misspell a word until
the regional champion is left standing. The top 3 spellers from each location
receive cash prizes, and the top 2 will be sent forward to the Finals.