Contest Format .

** Every Regional will be held via Video Call & Conference. Any speller can participate only once in any of the Virtual Regionals. Cities are for name only. No physical presence is required at any regional. For example if you are in Chicago, you can choose any date and Regional virtual city listed as per your convenience. **

Regional Qualifiers :

1. The Regional qualifiers will be held virtually in 3 cities across the US.

2. The qualifiers will have a written test and an oral round.

3. Spellers will be given 25 words to spell.

4. Each word has two audio files:
– File 1 has the word to be spelled.
– File 2 has the language of origin, part of speech, definition, sentence.

5. Spellers will have 1 minute to play the audio and type the word. Spellers will have a total of 25 minutes for this written exam.

6. Spellers must spell 18 or more words correctly to make it to the oral round.

7. No questions are allowed during test.

8. Graded for correct spelling only. Capitalization will not be a factor.

Regional Oral Rounds .

  • The Regional Oral Rounds will each be conducted on a miss-and-out basis until one speller is left.

  • At this point, the remaining speller will be given a championship word, which if spelled correctly, will make the speller the Regional Champion.

  • Prizes are awarded to the Regional Champ and First Runner Up.

  • The Regional Champ and First Runner-Up from each center will move on to the FINALS.
  • Finals June 29, 2024 .

    The top 2 spellers from each regional contest will advance to the Finals. The Finals will be conducted completely in the oral format as described above with the exception that there will be a two-minute timer for each speller. The last remaining speller on the day of the Finals will be named the National Champion and win the Grand Prize.

    12 spots via the SAS-BEE program will also be available.

    *The finale will be produced virtually.


    An Initiative
    By SAEF