Rules & Guidelines .

** Every Regional will be held via Video Call & Conference. Any speller can participate only once in any of the Virtual Regionals. Cities are for name only. No physical presence is required at any regional. For example if you are in Chicago, you can choose any date and Regional virtual city listed as per your convenience. **

Rules & Guidelines for Virtual Written Test :

Please follow the mandatory prerequisites and rules/guidelines for the virtual written test for spellers to take at home on their desktop/laptop:

** Please note that spellers who fail to adhere to these rules and guidelines will be disqualified **

The following prerequisites are MANDATORY.

Spellers MUST have:

  • Physical photo ID card with their full name and DOB to present at check-in.

  • LAPTOP OR DESKTOP WITH WEBCAM AND MIC. Devices that CANNOT be used are phones, tablets, or chrome books.

  • Headphones MUST BE worn for the entirety of the exam.

  • Latest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

  • Stable internet connection.

  • An isolated room that is well lit and not too dark. Live proctors will do random checks of the speller’s room during the exam.

  • No other applications can be open on the laptop or desktop besides the live proctoring software called WebEx.

  • Spellers must keep their laptop fully charged or have it plugged in on the charger.

  • Check-in for the written test is 30 minutes before the start time of your virtual city.
  • Rules & Guidelines for Virtual Bee Oral Round :

  • Spellers must have a working laptop or desktop with webcam.

  • Spellers must have their ID card with their full name and date of birth.

  • Spellers must be alone in an isolated room. Live proctors will do random checks of the speller’s room during the oral round.

  • No other applications must be open on the laptop or desktop besides live proctoring software (the link will be sent to their email prior to the competition.)

  • Spellers must have the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

  • Proctor’s decisions will be final.

  • Spellers must mute their mics when it’s not their turn.

  • If the speller’s device or internet malfunctions, the speller may not continue.

  • All other SASB guidelines for conducting the contest will remain same.
  • Eligibility .

    ** On account of the COVID-19 situation, the South Asian Spelling Bee is opening the platform for any speller in the United States. For the 2024 season which is being conducted virtually, any speller born on or after Sep 1, 2009 is eligible to participate. **


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